Hello! I’m Sarah Farid-Chaudhry; clinical nutritionist, certified LEAP therapist, certified personal trainer and the face behind Wellness Via Nutrition, LLC.
My passion for nutrition began shortly after completing my undergraduate at the University of Bridgeport; I went on to work with an after-school STEM program for high school students. During our daily sessions and field trips, we provided the students with snacks and meals. It was at this time that I began to realize the food we provided was affecting the student’s behaviors, but especially those with behavioral conditions. It was also during this time that a guardian had told me that her grandson couldn’t consume over a certain amount of sugar per meal because it would trigger his symptoms. At this same time, I was struggling with my own health, weight, and decided that changes needed to be made.
For the students I worked with, I started looking for healthier alternatives; snacks with less sugar, meals with more vegetables. Although they were only allowed one snack per session, there were noticeable changes in their behaviors. This was the point that I decided to apply to the University of Bridgeport for the Master of Science Human Nutrition program.
Just by enrolling in the program, I was able to make several changes in our family’s eating habits and diet. I used to be a super couponer, and for those of you that have used or do use coupons, know that coupons mostly exist for sugary, processed, chemical-laden, Frankenfoods. Bit by bit, we made changes; purchasing organic, pasture raised eggs, grass-fed and finished meats, non-GMO foods, etc.
My love for nutrition continues to grow as my knowledge does. I believe that each individual has a unique story. I do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach, and each individual has their own journey that they need to follow. My goal is to help each of my clients to achieve lifetime wellness through nutrition, and to help decrease and avoid confusion about using nutrition as medicine.
My passion is health and nutrition, but I also love hosting parties, primarily because I love cooking and feeding my family and friends. This allows me to create and test new recipes, but also, enjoy gardening, and being outdoors. In 2019, I picked up running, something I used to hate but have since grown to love – hello endorphin release! and completed my first 1/2 marathon alongside my husband in September 2019.  I’m also a mama of two kiddos (6 and 3), which will tell you our kitchen is constantly in a state of experimentation!
I look forward to working with you, and be alongside you on your journey to health.

My favorite race to date, with Millennium Running. Allen Mello NH 10-miler. “Hills, Hills, More Hills.”